Best Forex Robots and EA Reviews

You have no experience in trading, but still want to try? Don't worry! Just buy Forex robot and start trading now!

Works on any MT4/MT5 Broker

BinBotpro consist of a special software application that was developed and programmed to have a set of parameters and rules to help with trading. They can operate on the market by initiating trades and liquidating them through electronic trading automation.

Live Support

We offer 24/7 live support, we're never too far away from your reach.

Fully Mechanical

Automatic detection with precise signal specifications. There is zero guess work.

Easy to follow - Anywhere

Quick installation. Visual, audio and email notifications. Full after sales support.

High Performance

Our reliable Forex system aims to produce consistently strong signals.

Lowest Risk

BinBotpro EA can be used by traders if they want to manage risk, as users can program it to search for trends and breakouts. On top of that, you can also set it to use a selection of technical indicators. When using an EA, it will be able to monitor the current account balance and it will even control your Forex account. Furthermore, it will analyze and tell you how much of your balance you can put at risk. Generally, no more than 1% or 2% of your account’s balance should be risked.

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